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  • Photo Highlights from the 16th March DCFCPUG meeting – Enjoy!

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    On the 16th March 2010, we invited Robbie Carman as our featured speaker. Robbie is a colorist and noted author. He also is a trainer at NAB conducting 14 sessions at the 2010 National Associations of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas next month.  Our members turned out in record numbers and enjoyed the detailed color grading session with Robbie.

    While Richard Harrington was unable to make it, Robbie did an excellent job of teaching our members the secrets to color grading and provided a level of understanding that is much appreciated.

    Here are a few photos to encourage the other DC/VA/MD interested parties to come on out and become part of a growing group of DC metro area professionals interested in networking, learning something new, and having fun winning awesome sponsor prizes via our DC Winner’s Circle raffle.

    Given that I have a heavy travel schedule for April and three projects in work (Las Vegas: SUPERMEET, Digital Production Buzz production team and Dupont Registry luxury car filming event in Miami), the next meeting is scheduled for May. See our event calendar for details. Watch this website for upcoming announcements on future meetings.  If you have comments on the March event, please post your feedback on this post for others to see and appreciate the value they bring to the group.

    Rodney Mitchell – DCFCPUG Leader

    Full house of eager DCFCPUG members

    DCFCPUG Leader introduces Robbie Carman

    Robbie setups up for a color grading session

    Robbie working with 3 way Color Corrector in FCP

    Workflow example in FCP in prep for Color Grading Session

    Working in Color

    Robbie walks through the parade in Color

    Member has a one-on-one session with Robbie

    Leader raffles off the Artbeats $500 HD footage prize!

    Raffle program in action

    Raffle program in action

    Members excited and having fun with the Raffle

    Raffle program in action

    Just like at the SUPERMEET, members enjoy the Raffle program

    You too can be a WINNER... members getting into the fun of it!

  • FCP Tip of the Day (3/19/10)


    Tip of the Day!

    Final Cut Pro – Getting Clips Back Into Sync

    First, you swear. Then, with one mouse click, you smile!


    If you accidentally move a clip out of sync, don’t worry! Here’s a quick way to correct this.

    Final Cut uses red, “out of sync” flags to mark a clip that has been moved out of sync. To get an out-of-sync clip back into sync, Control-click the red flag of the clip you want to move and select Move into sync.

    If you don’t want to move the clip, but you want to get rid of the red flag, select the clip and choose Modify > Mark In Sync. FCP now treats the new position of the clip as if it was in sync.

    Note: In order to see the red flag in FCP 6.0.2 or later, Show Video Clip Names must be turned on; it’s on by default.

    Courtesy of Larry Jordan