• Agenda for 3 March DCFCPUG meeting!


    UPDATE: Here is the presentation by Mr. Headen of Georgetown Post for Wednesday night:




    Here is the gameplan [AGENDA] for the meeting on 3 March!  Hope all members and their invited guest come out to enjoy an evening at the PUG and get a chance to mingle with top talent in the industry and of course, walk away from the event with thousands of dollars worth of prizes!  You’ve gotta play to win!

    Have fun, learn something new and enjoy our time together!
    Feel free to invited your friends, colleagues, or anyone who might be interested in what we are doing in the DC metro area.

    Let me know if you have an interesting project you would like to tell everyone about or want to partner on a project… Part of being a member is getting access to opportunities…. we all have something to contribute!
    See you at the venue on Wednesday!

    Warm regards,

    Rodney Mitchell
    DC FCPUG Leader

  • FCP Tip of the Day (3/1/10)


    Tip of the Day!

    Final Cut Pro – Locking Tracks

    Have you ever wanted to lock a track to prevent accidental changes?

    Locking Tracks

    Final Cut Pro has little padlock icons you can use to lock tracks to prevent accidental changes.

    These are not for security – there are no passwords. Rather these are to prevent the “Oh-my-GOSH, I-can’t-believe-I-just-deleted-that!! My-life-is-over!” panic.

    To lock a track, simply click the padlock icon. To unlock a track, click it again.

    For the keyboard-obsessed:

    • F4 + [a number] — locks, or unlocks, that video track
    • F5 + [a number] — locks, or unlocks, that audio track
    • Shift + F4 — locks, or unlocks, ALL video tracks
    • Shift + F5 — locks, or unlocks, ALL audio tracks

    Courtesy of Larry Jordan