• Creating Slideshows in FCP


    Here’s a quick tutorial on Creating Slideshows in FCP from Contributing Member, Mike Greenberg of KonspiracyStudios.com:

    I get this question a lot: What’s a fast and easy way to create slideshows in FCP?

    1. Name your files in the order – alphabetical or numerical – that you want them to appear.
      • TIP: If you use numbers, add a couple zeros (e.g. 001.jpg) so that picture 20 doesn’t appear before picture 2.
      • TIP: If you have A LOT of pictures, try batch renaming them.

    2. In FCP, hit Option+Q to pull up the User Preferences. Under the “Editing” tab, in the “”Still/Freeze Duration” field, set the amount of time that you what each pictures to appear.
    3. Import your files into a bin.
    4. Drag that bin to the timeline.
    5. Now you have a slideshow. (Boring Huh?)
    6. To add a dissolve transition between each photograph: (i) highlight the entire timeline and drag it into the Canvas; (ii) hold it until the placement options appear; and (iii) drop it in the Overwrite with Transition box.

      How bout them Apples? If you want a different type of transition, change you default transition.

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    • thanks Mike. quick and easy, and solid.

    • Mike – okay, how about the next step – where you do that slow pull in to a part of the frame. I have done this, but the way I do it seems clunky and I am clicking and draging key frames which seem to move like they were cinderblocks.